What is Fretlight? It's the perfect guitar learning system

How it works

Connect the guitar to your computer
Press play on your computer
Play each note as it lights up on the guitar

Fretlight Guitars

  • Entry Level Guitars(5-fret lighted learning system)

    Shop Now - $249.99
  • Traditional Guitars(21-fret lighted learning system)

    Shop Now - Starting at $399.99
  • Performance Guitars(21-fret lighted learning system)

    Shop Now - Starting at $699.99
  • Bass Guitars(21-fret lighted learning system)

    Shop Now - $499.99

The Creative Possibilities Are Endless!

Regardless of your playing ability, Fretlight will help you get better - fast!

The Fretlight is great for beginners too!

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Hear what our customers have to say:

The Fretlight is an amazing way to learn guitar. For me there are two times in my life: before and after the Fretlight Guitar. - Franz B.
This is my second Fretlight guitar, and both play and sound like a guitar that would cost $1,000.00 or more. Anytime I see a kid having a hard time with the guitar, I send them to Fretlight, and once they see it, they are sold on it. Every guitar teacher should own one. - Brian W. Mitchell, Indiana.
I used to think I could never learn guitar. With the Fretlight Studio, I picked up lessons and learned midi songs quicker than reading a lesson book. Hearing a song, seeing finger positions along the board and slowing the tempo enabled me to learn, master and enjoy an aspect of music never available to me before. Cheers to ya'll for this innovation! - Jeff B. Fort Leavenworth, KS.
I see the Fretlight guitar as a way for me to improve my playing, as well as a great way to introduce my son to the world of guitar playing. My son will have a much easier path of learning the proper way to guitar playing than I had going thru books and magazines. It is something that we can share and learn together. - David F. Sarasota, FL.